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Oriana ★★ 1985

Marie (Silverio) learns that her Aunt Oriana (Wells) has willed her the family estate, a remote Venezuelan hacienda she visited as a girl. While preparing the house for sale and going through her aunt's things, Marie remembers her long-ago stay and tries to discover why Oriana never left the property, what happened to her first love, and what other secrets she kept. Spanish and French with subtitles. 88m/C DVD . FR VZ Daniela Silverio, Doris Wells, Rafael Briceno, Luis Armando Castillo, Maya Oloe, Mirtha Borges; D: Fina Torres; W: Fina Torres, Antoine Lacomblez; C: Jean-Claude Larrieu; M: Eduardo Marturet.


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Oriana a name frequently applied by poets to Elizabeth I; in the medieval Spanish or Portuguese romance Amadis of Gaul, the princess of Britain with whom the hero Amadis is in love is named Oriana.