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335. Horror

  1. Addams , Charles (1912 ) famed cartoonist of the macabre. [Am. Comics: NCE, 19]
  2. Bhairava (m), Bhairav (f) terrible forms of Shiva and spouse. [Hindu Myth.: Parrinder, 44]
  3. Black Death, the plague whose unprecedented mortality was incomprehensible to medieval mind. [Eur. Hist.: Bishop, 379382]
  4. Bosch, Hieronymus (c. 14501516) paintings contain grotesque representations of evil and temptation. [Art Hist.: Osborne, 149]
  5. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The thrilling horror story told by a madman. [Ger. Cinema: Halliwell, 119]
  6. Danse Macabre Saint-Saëns musical depiction of a dance of the dead. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 1906]
  7. Disasters of War Goyas violent protest against French occupation of Spain. [Art. Hist.: Osborne, 497]
  8. Dracula, Count vampire terrifies Transylvanian peasants and London circle. [Br. Lit.: Dracula ]
  9. dragonwort traditional representation of horror. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 469]
  10. Exorcist, The supernatural horror story about a girl possessed by the devil (1974). [Am. Cinema: Halliwell, 247]
  11. Jaws box office sensation about a killer shark (1975). [Am. Cinema: Halliwell, 380]
  12. mandrake traditional representation of horror. [Plant Symbol-ism: Flora Symbolica, 175]
  13. Phantom of the Opera, The story of an angry, disfigured composer who haunts the sewers beneath the Paris Opera House. [Am. Cinema: Halliwell, 562]
  14. Pit and the Pendulum, The study in bone-chilling terror. [Am. Lit.: The Pit and the Pendulum in Portable Poe, 154173]
  15. Psycho Hitchcocks classic horror film. [Am. Cinema: NCE, 1249]
  16. snakesfoot indicates shocking occurrence. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 177]
  17. Tell-Tale Heart, The mad murderer dismembers victim, mistakes ticking watch for dead mans heart, and confesses. [Am. Lit.: Poe The Tell-Tale Heart ]
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hor·ror / ˈhôrər; ˈhär-/ • n. 1. an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust: children screamed in horror. ∎  a thing causing such a feeling: photographs showed the horror of the tragedy | the horrors of civil war. ∎  a literary or film genre concerned with arousing such feelings: [as adj.] a horror movie. ∎  intense dismay: to her horror she found that a thief had stolen the machine. ∎  [as interj.] (horrors) chiefly humorous used to express dismay: horrors, two buttons were missing! ∎  [in sing.] intense dislike: many have a horror of consulting a dictionary. ∎  (the horrors) an attack of extreme nervousness or anxiety: the mere thought of it gives me the horrors. 2. inf. a bad or mischievous person, esp. a child: that little horror Zach was around.

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