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SINGSONG, also sing-song. A usually disparaging or condescending term for a rhythm or tone regarded as musical but monotonous and considered typical of certain ACCENTS, such as those of speakers of English in Wales and parts of Asia: ‘A trace of Holyhead Welsh to his sing-song accent’ ( Ian Thomson, Independent, 29 Dec. 1990). See PHILIPPINE ENGLISH, SINGAPORE ENGLISH, WELSH ENGLISH.

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singsongalong, belong, bong, chaise longue, dong, Geelong, gong, Guangdong, Haiphong, Heilong, Hong Kong, Jong, King Kong, long, mah-jong, Mao Zedong, Mekong, nong, pong, prolong, prong, sarong, Shillong, song, souchong, strong, thong, throng, tong, Vietcong, wrong •billabong • dingdong • Wollongong •Chittagong • headlong • livelong •sidelong • lifelong • oblong • oolong •singalong • furlong • pingpong •Armstrong • headstrong • part song •plainsong • evensong • singsong •swansong • birdsong • biltong •diphthong

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sing·song / ˈsingˌsông/ (also sing-song) • adj. (of a person's voice) having a repeated rising and falling rhythm: the singsong voices of children reciting tables. • n. [in sing.] a singsong way of speaking.

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