Sinha, Phulgenda

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SINHA, Phulgenda

SINHA, Phulgenda. American (born India), b. 1924. Genres: Education, How-to books, Medicine/Health, Philosophy, Self help. Career: Yoga Institute of Washington, Washington, DC, founder and director, 1964-68, director, beginning in 1980; Indian Institute of Yoga, Patna, founder and director, 1969-. Founder of yoga institutes in Spain, the Netherlands, West Germany, and France; teacher of yoga and yoga therapy. Publications: Yoga: Meaning, Values, and Practice, 1970; Yogic Cure for Common Diseases, 1976; Yoga for Mental Power, 1977; Yoga for Total Living, 1978; Introduction to Yoga Science (high school textbook), 2 vols., 1979; Yoga Therapy for Common Health Problems, 1981; The Gita as It Was, 1987; Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: Rediscovering the Original Text of the Yoga Sutra, 1995; Dharana Healing, 1996; Samkhya Karika of Kapila: Rediscovering the Original Text of Samkhya Philosophy, 1998; Yoga as Alternative Medicine, 1999; Yoga for Women, 2002; Autobiography of a Self-Made Man, 2003. Address: 1543 Key Blvd #38, Arlington, VA 22209, U.S.A.