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pre·scrip·tive / priˈskriptiv/ • adj. 1. of or relating to the imposition or enforcement of a rule or method: these guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive. ∎  Linguistics attempting to impose rules of correct usage on the users of a language: a prescriptive grammar book. Often contrasted with descriptive.2. (of a right, title, or institution) having become legally established or accepted by long usage or the passage of time: a prescriptive right of way. ∎ archaic established by long-standing custom or usage: his regular score at the bar and his prescriptive corner at the winter's fireside.DERIVATIVES: pre·scrip·tive·ly adv.pre·scrip·tive·ness n.pre·scrip·tiv·ism / -ˈskriptəˌvizəm/ n.pre·scrip·tiv·ist / -vist/ n. & adj.


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