Prescott, J(ohn) R(obert) V(ictor)

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PRESCOTT, J(ohn) R(obert) V(ictor)

PRESCOTT, J(ohn) R(obert) V(ictor). Australian (born England), b. 1931. Genres: Geography, Politics/Government. Career: University of Melbourne, Professor Emeritus of Geography (member of the faculty since 1961). University College, Ibadan, Nigeria, Lecturer in Geography, 1956-61. Publications: The Geography of Frontiers and Boundaries, 1965, rev. as Frontiers and Boundaries, 1978; The Geography of State Policies, 1968; The Evolution of Nigeria's International and Regional Boundaries 1861-1971, 1971; Political Geography, 1972; The Political Geography of the Oceans, 1975; The Map of Mainland Asia by Treaty, 1975; (with W.G. East) Our Fragmented World: An Introduction to Political Geography, 1975; (with H.J. Collier and D.F. Prescott) The Frontiers of Asia and Southeast Asia, 1976; (with P. Lovering) The Last of Lands: Antarctica, 1979; (with others) Australia's Continental Shelf, 1979; Maritime Jurisdiction in Southeast Asia, 1981; Australia's Maritime Boundaries, 1985; The Maritime Political Boundaries of the World, 1985; Political Frontiers and Boundaries, 1987; (with S. Davis) Aboriginal Frontiers and Boundaries, 1992; (with D. Hancox) Secret Hydrographic Surveys in the Spratly Islands, 1997; The Gulf of Thailand: Maritime Limits to Conflict and Cooperation, 1998; (with G. Boyes) Undelimited Maritime Boundaries in the Pacific Ocean Excluding the Pacific Rim. Address: Dept. of Geography, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3052, Australia. Online address: [email protected]

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Prescott, J(ohn) R(obert) V(ictor)

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