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hom·o·graph / ˈhäməˌgraf; ˈhōmə-/ • n. each of two or more words spelled the same but not necessarily pronounced the same and having different meanings and origins (e.g., bow1 and bow2 ). DERIVATIVES: hom·o·graph·ic / ˌhäməˈgrafik; ˌhōmə-/ adj.

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HOMOGRAPH. A kind of HOMONYM: one of two or more words that are identical in SPELLING but different in origin, meaning, and PRONUNCIATION, such as entrance (noun: stress on first syllable) a door, gate, etc., and entrance (verb: stress on second syllable) to put in a trance; lead (verb: rhyming with ‘deed’) to take, conduct, guide, etc., and lead (noun: rhyming with ‘dead’) a metal.