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doughtyalmighty, Aphrodite, Blighty, flighty, mighty, nightie, whitey •ninety • feisty •dotty, grotty, hottie, knotty, Lanzarote, Lottie, Pavarotti, potty, Scottie, snotty, spotty, totty, yachtie, zloty •lofty, softie •Solti • novelty •Brontë, démenti, Monte, Monty, Visconti •frosty •forty, haughty, naughty, pianoforte, rorty, shorty, sortie, sporty, UB40, warty •balti, faulty, salty •flaunty, jaunty •doughty, outie, pouty, snouty •bounty, county, Mountie •frowsty • viscounty •Capote, coatee, coyote, dhoti, floaty, goaty, oaty, peyote, roti, throaty •jolty •postie, toastie, toasty •hoity-toity • pointy •agouti, beauty, booty, cootie, cutie, Djibouti, duty, fluty, fruity, rooty, snooty, tutti-frutti

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dough·ty / ˈdoutē/ • adj. (-ti·er , -ti·est ) archaic , humorous brave and persistent: his doughty spirit kept him going. DERIVATIVES: dough·ti·ly / ˈdoutl-ē/ adv. dough·ti·ness n.

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doughty †worthy; valiant, stout. Late OE. dohtiġ, new formation prob. after dohte, pt. of dugan be of use or worthy, repl. dyhtiġ, corr. to MLG., MDu. duchtich (Du. duchtig), MHG. tühtic (G. tüchtig brave, competent); f. Gmc. base *dauʒ- *duz- avail, be fit (see -Y 1).

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