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del·i·cate / ˈdelikit/ • adj. 1. very fine in texture or structure; of intricate workmanship or quality. ∎  (of a color or a scent) subtle and subdued. ∎  (of food or drink) subtly and pleasantly flavored. 2. easily broken or damaged; fragile. ∎  (of a person, animal, or plant) susceptible to illness or adverse conditions. ∎  (of a state or condition) easily upset or damaged. 3. requiring sensitive or careful handling. ∎  (of a person or an action) tactful and considerate: delicate tact was called for. ∎  skillful and finely judged; deft. ∎  (of an instrument) highly sensitive. • n. inf. a delicate fabric or garment made of such fabric. PHRASES: in a delicate condition archaic pregnant.DERIVATIVES: del·i·cate·ly adv. del·i·cate·ness n.

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delicatebraggart, faggot (US fagot), maggot •legate •bigot, gigot, Piggott, spigot •ingot • profligate • aggregate • yogurt •conjugate • abrogate • surrogate •ergot, virgate •Bagehot • patriarchate • wainscot •Sickert • predicate • syndicate •certificate, pontificate •Calicut • delicate • silicate • triplicate •duplicate, quadruplicate •intricate • Connecticut • Alcott •ducat • advocate •ballot, palate •charlotte, harlot •appellate, Helot, prelate, zealot •flagellate • distillate •Pilate, pilot •copilot • gyropilot • autopilot •triangulate •ejaculate, immaculate •amulet • spatulate •articulate, denticulate •consulate, proconsulate •postulate • ungulate •inviolate, ultraviolet •chocolate • cardinalate • desolate •isolate • disconsolate • Merlot

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delicate †delightful, elegant, dainty; †indolent, †fastidious XIV; fine, not coarse or robust XVI; finely sensitive or skilful XVI. — (O)F. délicat or L. dēlicātus; of unkn. orig., but assoc. in sense-development with L. dēliciæ (see next); see -ATE 2.
Hence delicacy XIV; concr. XV.

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