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daft / daft/ • adj. inf., silly; foolish. ∎  crazy. ∎  (daft about) infatuated with: we were all daft about him.

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daft †mild, meek XIII; stupid XIV; crazy XVI. ME. daffte, repr. OE. ġedæfte mild, gentle, meek :- Gmc. *ʒaðaftjaz, f. *ʒaðafti, f. stem *dab- of Goth. gadaban become, be fit (cf. OE. ġedæftlīċe fitly, suitably, ġedæftan make fit. prepare). The transition to the sense ‘stupid’ may have been assisted by ME. †daff (of unkn. orig.) simpleton, fool. See DEFT.

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