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con·vert·er / kənˈvərtər/ (also con·ver·tor) • n. a person or thing that converts something. ∎  a device for altering the nature of an electric current or signal, esp. from AC to DC or vice versa, or from analog to digital or vice versa. ∎  a retort used in steelmaking. ∎ short for catalytic converter. ∎  Comput. a program that converts data from one format to another. ∎  a camera lens that changes the focal length of another lens by a set amount.

views updated

convertertheatre (US theater) •realtor •amphitheatre (US amphitheater) •proprietor, rioter •breakfaster • comforter • Lancaster •Doncaster •Alasdair, baluster •bardolater, idolater •amateur, shamateur •schemata • stigmata • automata •traumata • covenanter •Mahabharata • orator • warranter •Alberta, asserter, Bizerta, converter, deserter, Goethe, inserter, kurta, perverter, reverter, subverter •frankfurter