Conversations with Other Women

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Conversations with Other Women ★★½ 2005 (R)

Arty romantic-suspenser in which a man (Eckhart) and a woman (Bonham Carter) meet at a wedding reception and end up in bed, but as the night progresses it's revealed that they are possibly not strangers. Clever split-screen style shows each character separately navigating their encounter over the course of the evening, a technique that provides both emotional weight and insight to their backstory and motives as much as it illustrates the theme of perception-is-reality. Chemistry and fine acting turn a he said/she said one-night stand story into an examination of the passage of time, regret, and knowing better. 84m/C DVD . US Helena Bonham-Carter, Aaron Eckhart, Brian Geraghty, Olivia Wilde, Brianna Brown, Thomas Lennon, Nora Zehetner; D: Hans Canosa; W: Gabrielle Zevin; C: Steve Yedlin; M: Star Parodi, Jeff Eden Fair.