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con·vert • v. / kənˈvərt/ 1. [tr.] cause to change in form, character, or function. ∎  [intr.] change or be able to change from one form to another: the seating converts to a double or two single beds. ∎  [intr.] change one's religious faith or other beliefs: he converted to Catholicism. ∎  persuade (someone) to do this: he was converted in his later years to the socialist cause. ∎  change (money, stocks, or units in which a quantity is expressed) into others of a different kind. ∎  adapt (a building) to make it suitable for a new purpose. ∎  Logic transpose the subject and predicate of (a proposition) according to certain rules to form a new proposition by inference. 2. [tr.] score from (a penalty kick, pass, or other opportunity) in a sport or game. ∎  [intr.] Football score an extra point or points after having scored a touchdown by kicking a goal (one point) or running another play into the end zone (two points). ∎  [intr.] Football advance the ball far enough during a down to earn a first down. • n. / ˈkänˌvərt/ a person who has been persuaded to change their religious faith or other beliefs: he is a recent convert to the church.

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97. Convert

See also 349. RELIGION .

1. the condition of a new convert to a religious belief.
2. the condition of a newly baptized convert to the early Christian church. neophyte , n. neophytic , adj.
1. the act of becoming or the condition of being a convert to an opinion, political party, or religious group.
2. an active policy of inviting or persuading converts, especially to a religious position. proselyte , n. proselyter, proselytist , n. proselytize , v. proselytistic , adj.
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convertadvert, alert, animadvert, assert, avert, Bert, blurt, Burt, cert, chert, concert, controvert, convert, curt, desert, dessert, dirt, divert, exert, flirt, girt, hurt, inert, insert, introvert, Kurt, malapert, overt, pert, pervert, quirt, shirt, skirt, spirt, spurt, squirt, Sturt, subvert, vert, wort, yurt •Engelbert • Colbert • sweatshirt •nightshirt • pay dirt • Frankfurt •miniskirt • underskirt • expert •Blackshirt • redshirt • T-shirt •Brownshirt • undershirt • extrovert •ragwort • milkwort • pillwort •nipplewort • lungwort • bladderwort •liverwort

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convert turn or change into. XIII. — (O)F. convertir :- Rom. *convertīre, f. L. convertere turn about, transform, f. CON- + vertere turn.
Hence convert converted person XVI. So convertible, conversion XIV. — (O)F. — L.

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