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con·ga / ˈkäng/ • n. 1. a Latin American dance of African origin, usually with several people in a single line, one behind the other. 2. (also conga drum) a tall, narrow, low-toned drum beaten with the hands. • v. (-gas , -gaed / -gəd/ or -ga'd, -ga·ing / -gə-ing/ ) [intr.] dance the conga.

conga drum

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congadogger, flogger, Hoggar, hogger, jogger, logger, slogger, Wagga Waggabrolga, Olga, Volgaconga, conger, donga, Rarotonga •pettifogger • footslogger •cataloguer (US cataloger) •auger, augur •ogre, Saratoga, toga, yoga •beluga, cougar, Kaluga, Kruger, Luger •sugar, Zeebrugge •bugger, hugger, lugger, mugger, plugger, rugger, slugger, Srinagar, tugger •mulga, vulgar •hunger, sangha, Younger •scandalmonger • scaremonger •fishmonger •warmonger, whoremonger •ironmonger • hugger-mugger •costermonger • Málaga •Berger, burger, burgher •hamburger • beefburger •cheeseburger • Limburger •Vegeburger • Erzgebirge •Luxembourger