Confusion of Genders

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Confusion of Genders ★★ La Confusion des Genres 2000

Bisexual fortyish lawyer Alain (Greggory) wallows in various sexual relationships without committing emotionally to anyone in this provocative but ultimately tiresome farce, whose characters are all slick surface. The narcissist has a vague interest in having a family and has reluctantly agreed to marry longtime law partner Laurence (Richard), who is pregnant by him. Meanwhile, there's the lustful teenage brother, Christophe (Thouvenin), of one of Alain's ex-girl-friends and Alain's own interest in one of his incarcerated clients, Marc (Martinez). Marc is willing to trade sex with Alain for a jailhouse meeting with his girlfriend Babette (Gayet), whom Alain also gets involved with. And so it continues. French with subtitles. 94m/C DVD . FR Pascal Greggory, Nathalie Richard, Julie Gayet, Vincent Martinez, Cyrille Thouvenin, Alain Bashung; D: Ilan Duran Cohen; W: Ilan Duran Cohen, Philippe Lasry; C: Jeanne Lapoirie; M: JayJay Johanson.