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com·pre·hen·sive / ˌkämpriˈhensiv/ • adj. 1. complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something: a comprehensive list of sources. ∎  of large content or scope; wide-ranging: a comprehensive collection of photographs. ∎  (of automobile insurance) providing coverage for most risks, including damage to the policyholder's own vehicle. ∎  (also comprehensive examination) an examination testing a student’s command of a special field of knowledge. 2. archaic of or relating to understanding. DERIVATIVES: com·pre·hen·sive·ly adv. com·pre·hen·sive·ness n.

views updated

comprehensiveimpassive, massive, passive •expansive •aggressive, compressive, concessive, degressive, depressive, digressive, excessive, expressive, impressive, obsessive, oppressive, possessive, progressive, recessive, regressive, repressive, retrogressive, successive, transgressive •reflexive •apprehensive, coextensive, comprehensive, defensive, expensive, extensive, intensive, offensive, ostensive, pensive, suspensive •counteroffensive •abrasive, evasive, invasive, persuasive, pervasive •adhesive, cohesive •missive, omissive, permissive, submissive •decisive, derisive, divisive, incisive •irresponsive, responsive •corrosive, explosive, implosive, plosive •abusive, allusive, collusive, conclusive, conducive, delusive, diffusive, effusive, elusive, exclusive, illusive, inclusive, intrusive, obtrusive, preclusive, reclusive, seclusive •percussive •compulsive, convulsive, impulsive, propulsive, repulsive •purposive •coercive, cursive, excursive, subversive

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