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be·witch / biˈwich/ • v. [tr.] (often be bewitched) cast a spell on and gain control over (someone) by magic: his relatives were firmly convinced that he was bewitched. ∎  enchant and delight (someone): they both were bewitched by the country and its culture [as adj.] (bewitching) she was certainly a bewitching woman. DERIVATIVES: be·witch·ing·ly adv. be·witch·ment n.

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bewitchbewitch, bitch, ditch, enrich, fitch, flitch, glitch, hitch, itch, kitsch, Mitch, pitch, quitch, rich, snitch, stitch, switch, titch, twitch, which, witch •Redditch • Greenwich • eldritch •ostrich • backstitch • hemstitch •topstitch • Shostakovich • tsarevich •Sandwich •dipswitch, Ipswich

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bewitch XIII. f. BE- + WITCH (vb.; OE. wiċċian).

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