Beware of Pity

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Beware of Pity ★★½ 1946

A crippled baroness thinks she's found true love with a military officer, but it turns out his marriage proposal grew out of pity for her, not passion. A quality but somber Britishmade historical drama, based on a novel by Stefan Zweig. 129m/B VHS . Lilli Palmer, Albert Lieven, Cedric Hardwicke, Gladys Cooper, Ernest Thesiger, Freda Jackson, Linden Travers, Ralph Truman, Peter Cotes, Jenny Laird, Emrys Jones, Gerhard Kempinski, John Salew, Kenneth Warrington; D: Maurice Elvey; W: W.P. Lipscomb, Elizabeth Barron, Margaret Steen; C: Derick Williams.