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be·neath / biˈnē[unvoicedth]/ • prep. 1. extending or directly underneath, typically with close contact: in the labyrinths beneath central Moscow. ∎  underneath so as to be hidden, covered, or protected: unaltered even after years beneath the sea. 2. at a lower level or layer than: beneath this floor there's a cellar. ∎  lower in grade or rank than: relegated to the rank beneath theirs. ∎  considered of lower status or worth than: taking jobs beneath my abilities. ∎  behind (a physical surface): they found another layer beneath the stucco. ∎  behind or hidden behind (an appearance): beneath the gloss of success. • adv. 1. extending or directly underneath something: a house built on stilts to allow air to circulate beneath. 2. at a lower level or layer: the runways had cracked open, exposing the black earth beneath.

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Beneath ★ 2007 (R)

Convoluted and plodding story about creepy, depressed people having visions usually followed by someone ending up dead. Initial suspense stems from in-laws' eerie house complete with mysterious hatches, weird holes, and a monster inside the walls. Although intriguing, its eccentricities never get fully explained as the darkness and drab lead only to an anti-climatic snore. 81m/C DVD . Nora Zehetner, Matthew Settle, Gabrielle Rose, Carly Pope, Don S. Davis, Jessica Amlee; D: Dagen Merrill; W: Dagen Merrill, Kevin Burke; C: Mike Southon; M: John (Gianni) Frizzell, Frederik Wiedmann. VIDEO

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beneath OE. beniǒan, beneoðan, f. BE- + niðan, neoðan below, down (f. Gmc. *niþ-, see NETHER).

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beneathbeneath, buck teeth, Hadith, heath, Keith, neath, Reith, sheath, teeth, underneath, Westmeath, wreath •eye teeth • dog-teeth

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