Bendix, Benedict Heinrich

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BENDIX, BENEDICT HEINRICH (1768–1828), German engraver, known for his portraits of leaders of German Jewry in the early 19th century. Bendix was born in Berlin and studied engraving. He portrayed various contemporaries such as the Duke and Duchess of Mecklenburg and the mathematician Abraham Wolff. He exhibited his works at the Academy of Berlin in 1788 and 1793. His only mezzotint (1808) portrays Aron Beer, the first cantor to be appointed to the Berlin Jewish community. Among his most important works are two plates, each consisting of three medallions: one depicting Napoleon I, Frederick William III, and Alexander I of Russia, and the other Empress Josephine, Queen Louise, and Empress Elizabeth of Russia. Bendix also executed an engraving of Nathan and the Templar (1806), a subject taken from Lessing's play Nathan the Wise. When the Berlin Jewish community opened a school in 1825 Bendix was engaged as teacher of drawing. He remained in that position until his death by suicide.

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