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band·wag·on / ˈbandˌwagən/ • n. [usu. in sing.] a particular activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular: the local deejays are on the home-team bandwagon.PHRASES: jump (or climb) on the bandwagon join others in doing or supporting something fashionable or likely to be successful: scientists and doctors alike have jumped on the bandwagon.


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Bandwagon ★★ 1995

Four unlikely twentysomething guys decide to form a band in Raleigh, NC. Tony Ridge (Holmes) is the lead singersongwriter who's so shy he practices in a closet; chatty drummer Charlie Flagg (Hennessey) has the rehearsal space; Wynn Knapp (Corrigan) is the band's perpetually stoned guitarist; and bass player Eric Ellwood's (Parlavecchio) hot temper has him in big trouble with a local loan shark. They finally come up with a name (Circus Monkey), get a gig (a raucous frat party), and are on their way when they acquire Zenlike road manager Linus Tate (MacMillan) and a battered van. Of course, life on the road proves to be a challenge. 99m/C VHS . Kevin Corrigan, Steve Parlavecchio, Lee Holmes, Matthew Hennessey, Doug MacMillan, Lisa Keller; D: John Schultz; W: John Schultz; C: Shawn Maurer; M: Greg Kendall.