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autonomous •Lammas • Cadmus • Las Palmaschiasmus, Erasmus •Nostradamus •famous, ignoramus, Seamus, shamus •Polyphemus, Remus •grimace • Michaelmas •Christmas, isthmus •litmus •animus, equanimous, magnanimous, pusillanimous, unanimous •anonymous, eponymous, Hieronymus, pseudonymous, synonymous •Septimus •Mimas, primus, thymus, timeous •Thomas •enormous, ginormous •brumous, hummus, humous, humus, spumous, strumous •blasphemous •bigamous, polygamous, trigamous •endogamous, monogamous •calamus, hypothalamus, thalamus •venomous •autonomous, bonhomous, heteronomous •Pyramus •dichotomous, hippopotamus, trichotomous •Thermos

views updated

au·ton·o·mous / ôˈtänəməs/ • adj. (of a country or region) having self-government, at least to a significant degree: the federation included sixteen autonomous republics. ∎  acting independently or having the freedom to do so: an autonomous committee of the school board. ∎  (in Kantian moral philosophy) acting in accordance with one's moral duty rather than one's desires. DERIVATIVES: au·ton·o·mous·ly adv.

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