Autopsy: A Love Story

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Autopsy: A Love Story ★★½ 2002

Life is a cold, lonely place for morgue-worker Charlie, whose pushy boss has him knee-deep in the bootlegged organs business. Meanwhile, his cross, crippled girlfriend torments him. The arrival of a hot new amour at the office livens things up—even though she's dead—but the pitiful lad is thrown when her (living) twin sister shows up. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Joe Estevez, Paul DeGruccio, Dina Osmussen, Ginny Harman, Wendy Crawford, Robert McClure, Jill Seitz, Greg Hanson, Mike Watkis, Keith Arbo, Ashley Smith, John Scott Mills; D: Guy Crawford; W: Guy Crawford, Tamarie Hargrove. VIDEO