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aperiodicChadic, Cycladic, Helladic, maenadic, nomadic, sporadic, triadic •heraldic • Icelandic • asdic •bardic, Haggadic, Lombardic, Sephardic •medic, paramedic, Samoyedic •Wendic • Vedic •comedic, cyclopedic, encyclopedic, medick, orthopaedic (US orthopedic) •acidic, Druidic, hasidic •dik-dik •Indic, syndic •aperiodic, episodic, geodic, melodic, methodic, monodic, parodic, periodic, prosodic, psalmodic, rhapsodic, Roddick, spasmodic, threnodic •Nordic •ludic, pudic •Talmudic •autobiographic, autographic, bibliographic, biographic, calligraphic, cartographic, choreographic, cinematographic, cryptographic, demographic, geographic, graphic, hagiographic, historiographic, holographic, hydrographic, iconographic, lithographic, monographic, orthographic, palaeographic (US paleographic), photographic, pictographic, pornographic, reprographic, Sapphic, seraphic, stenographic, telegraphic, traffic, typographic, xerographic •Efik, malefic •Delphic, Guelphic •anaglyphic, beatific, calorific, colorific, hieroglyphic, honorific, horrific, Indo-Pacific, pacific, prolific, scientific, soporific, specific, terrific, transpacific, triglyphic •catastrophic, dystrophic, philosophic, strophic, theosophic, trophic •anamorphic, biomorphic, metamorphic, Orphic, polymorphic, zoomorphic •Kufic, Sufic •demagogic • yogic

views updated

a·pe·ri·od·ic / ˌāpi(ə)rēˈädik/ • adj. technical not periodic; irregular: aperiodic fluctuations. ∎ Physics denoting a potentially oscillating or vibrating system (such as an instrument with a pointer) that is damped to prevent oscillation or vibration. DERIVATIVES: a·pe·ri·o·dic·i·ty / āˌpi(ə)rēəˈdisitē/ n.