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alongsidebackside, trackside •bedside • airside •Tayside, wayside •lakeside • stateside • graveside •quayside, seaside, Teesside •beachside • hillside • ringside •suicide • herbicide • regicide •fungicide • filicide • Barmecide •homicide •germicide, spermicide •tyrannicide • parricide •fratricide, matricide, patricide •uxoricide • countryside • infanticide •insecticide • pesticide • parasiticide •mountainside • Merseyside •Tyneside •dioxide, dockside, hydroxide, monoxide, oxide, peroxide •alongside •diopside, topside •broadside • downside • roadside •poolside • upside • nearside •fireside • Humberside • underside •genocide • waterside • riverside •silverside • overside •kerbside (US curbside) • Burnside

views updated

a·long·side / əˈlôngˈsīd; əˈläng-/ • prep. (also alongside of) close to the side of; next to: she was sitting alongside him [as adv.] the boat came alongside. ∎  together and in cooperation with: a care assistant was working alongside him. ∎  at the same time as or in coexistence with: alongside the development of full-time courses there had to be provision for the part-time student.