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alembicartic, brick, chick, click, crick, dick, flick, hand-pick, hic, hick, kick, lick, mick, miskick, nick, pic, pick, prick, quick, rick, shtick, sic, sick, slick, snick, spic, stick, thick, tic, tick, trick, Vic, wick •alcaic, algebraic, Aramaic, archaic, choleraic, Cyrenaic, deltaic, formulaic, Hebraic, Judaic, Mishnaic, Mithraic, mosaic, Pharisaic, prosaic, Ptolemaic, Romaic, spondaic, stanzaic, trochaic •logorrhoeic (US logorrheic), mythopoeic, onomatopoeic •echoic, heroic, Mesozoic, Palaeozoic (US Paleozoic), Stoic •Bewick •disyllabic, monosyllabic, polysyllabic, syllabic •choriambic, dithyrambic, iambic •alembic •amoebic (US amebic) •aerobic, agoraphobic, claustrophobic, homophobic, hydrophobic, phobic, technophobic, xenophobic •cherubic, cubic, pubic •Arabic, Mozarabic •acerbic • apparatchik • dabchick •peachick

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alembic former distilling apparatus. XIV. ME. alambic, alembike — (O)F. alambic — medL. alembicus — Arab. al-'anbīḳ i.e. AL-2, 'anbīḳ still — Gr. ámbix, ambīk- cup, cap of still. Almost superseded by the aphetic limbeck (earlier lembik) from XV to XVII, when the full form again came into vogue.

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a·lem·bic / əˈlembik/ • n. a distilling apparatus, now obsolete, consisting of a flask and a cap with a long beak.

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