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a·dore / əˈdôr/ • v. [tr.] love and respect (someone) deeply. ∎  worship; venerate: he adored the Sacred Host. ∎ inf. like (something or someone) very much: she adores Mexican cuisine. DERIVATIVES: ad·o·ra·tion / ˌadəˈrāshən/ n. a·dor·er n. a·dor·ing·ly adv. ORIGIN: late Middle English: via Old French from Latin adorare ‘to worship,’ from ad- ‘to’ + orare ‘speak, pray.’

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adore XIV. — (O)F. adorer, refash., after L., of OF. ao(u)rer (whence ME. aouren XIV) :- L. adōrāre reverence, worship, f. AD- + ōrāre; cf. ORATE.
So adorable XVII. — F. or L. adoration XVI.