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verge1 / vərj/ • n. an edge or border: they came down to the verge of the lake. ∎  an extreme limit beyond which something specified will happen: I was on the verge of tears. ∎ Brit. a grass edging such as that by the side of a road or path. ∎  Archit. an edge of tiles projecting over a gable. • v. [intr.] (verge on) approach (something) closely; be close or similar to (something): despair verging on the suicidal. verge2 • n. a wand or rod carried before a bishop or dean as an emblem of office. verge3 • v. [intr.] incline in a certain direction or toward a particular state: his style verged into the art nouveau school.

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1. Slight projection formed by a pitched roof over the naked of a gable-wall. The junction between the tiles on the roof and the top of the wall has to be watertight, and this is achieved by creating a tight joint, using tiles and mortar (parged verge), tumbled brickwork, etc. If the roof is extended beyond the naked of the wall, with a board fixed under the edge of the roof-covering, that board (often decorated, carved, and cut with fret-work) is termed barge- or verge-board.

2. Shaft of a Classical column.

3. Small ornamental shaft of a medieval colonnette, e.g. the Purbeck-marble shafts on piers of the First Pointed style of English Gothic.

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verge1 †penis XIV; rod or wand of office XV; within the v. within the area subject to the Lord High Steward (with ref. to his rod of office); extreme edge, margin, bank, border; space within a boundary, scope XVII. — (O)F.:- L. virga rod.
Hence verge vb. †border, edge XVII; border (up)on, esp. fig. XVIII.

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vergeconverge, dirge, diverge, emerge, merge, purge, scourge, serge, splurge, spurge, submerge, surge, urge, verge •demiurge • upsurge • dramaturge •thaumaturge

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verge2 †descend towards the horizon; move in a certain direction, incline, tend. XVII. — L. vergere bend, incline.

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