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Tu·dor1 / ˈt(y)oōdər/ • adj. of or relating to the English royal dynasty that held the throne from the accession of Henry VII in 1485 until the death of Elizabeth I in 1603. ∎  of, denoting, or relating to the prevalent architectural style of the Tudor period, characterized esp. by half-timbering. • n. a member of this dynasty. Tu·dor 2 , Henry, Henry VII of England (see Henry1 ). Tu·dor 3 , Mary, Mary I of England (see Mary2 ).

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TudorBarbuda, barracuda, Bermuda, brooder, Buxtehude, colluder, deluder, excluder, intruder, Judah, Luda, Neruda, obtruder, Tudor •mouthbrooder •Buddha, do-gooder •Kaunda, Munda •judder, rudder, shudder, udder •numdah •asunder, blunder, chunder, hereunder, plunder, rotunda, sunder, thereunder, thunder, under, up-and-under, wonder •husbander • seconder • Shetlander •mainlander • Greenlander •Queenslander • midlander •Little Englander •Highlander, islander •Icelander • Hollander • lowlander •Newfoundlander • woodlander •colander • Canada • Kannada •ambassador • forwarder •birder, Gerda, girder, herder, murder

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