Tufano, Brian 1939-

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Tufano, Brian 1939-


Born 1939, in London, England.


Agent—Grant, Savic, Kopaloff and Associates, 6399 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 414, Los Angeles, CA 90048.


Cinematographer, director of photography, camera operator, and director.

Awards, Honors:

Television Award nomination, best photography and lighting, fiction/entertainment category, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, 1995, for Middlemarch; Film Award nomination, best cinematography, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, 2001, for Billy Elliot; Special Jury Prize, British Independent Film awards, 2002.


Film Cinematographer:

The Big Switch (also known as Strip Poker), Miracle Films, 1969.

The Sailor's Return, Ariel Productions/Euston Films, 1978.

The Waterloo Bridge Handicap (short film), Cinema International, 1978.

Quadrophenia (rock opera; also known as Quadrophenia—A Way of Life, Kuusikymmentaeluvun kapinalliset, Kwadrofonia, Quadrophenia—60-luvun kapinalliset, and Quadrophenia—60-talets rebeller), Brent Walker Film Distributing/World Northal, 1979.

Resting Rough (short film), Columbia/EMI/Warner Bros., 1979.

Heavy Metal (animated musical; also known as Heavy Metal—Universo em fantasia and Metal hurlant), Columbia, 1981.

Riding High, Enterprise Pictures/Citadel Films, 1981.

The Lords of Discipline, Paramount, 1983.

Dreamscape (also known as A morte nos sonhos, Dreamscape, fuga nell'incubo, El tunel de las pesadillas, Hoellische Traeume, La gran huida, Salainen siirto, and Ucieczka w sen), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1984.

War Party (also known as War Game), Hemdale Releasing, 1989.

Windprints, Virgin Vision, 1990.

Shallow Grave (also known as Cova rasa, Doedsleken, Kleine Morde unter Freunden, Mezarini derin kaz, Pequenos crimes entre amigos, Petits meurtres entre amis, Plitvi grob, Sekely sirhant, Shallow Grave—murhaleikki, Tumba abierta (Shallow Grave), and Tumba al ras de la tierra), Gramercy Pictures, 1994.

Element of Doubt, Havahall Pictures, 1996.

Trainspotting (also known as Ferrovipathes, La vida en el abismo, Sin limites, Trainspotting—Neue Helden, and Trainspotting—Sem limites), Miramax, 1996.

True Blue (also known as Miracle at Oxford, True Blue—Kapproden, True Blue—kilpasoutu, and True Blue—Sfida sul tamigi), FilmFour, 1996.

A Life Less Ordinary (also known as Az elet soja, Epaetavallista elaemaeae, Lebe lieber ungewoehnlich, O viata mai putin obisnuita, Odstekano zivljenje, Por uma vida menos ordinaria, Una historia diferent, Una historia diferente, Una historia diferente: de amor, secuestros y otro, Una vita esagerata, Une vie moins ordinaire, Vidas diferentes, and Vidas sin reglas), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1997.

The Life of Stuff, Prairie Pictures, 1997.

What Rats Won't Do, Gramercy Pictures/USA Films, 1998.

Jump Boy (short film), 1999.

Virtual Sexuality, Columbia, 1999.

East Is East (also known as Fish & Chips, Aust er aust, El casamiento, Itae on itae, Oriente es oriente, and Tradicao e tradicao), Channel Four Films, 1999, Miramax, 2000.

Women Talking Dirty, 1999, Vision Video, 2002.

Billy Elliot (also known as Billy Elliot—I Will Dance, Dancer, Little Dancer, Billy Elliot: Quiero bailar, and Gennimenos horeftis), USA Films, 2000.

Melt (short film), Channel Four Film, 2000.

Last Orders (also known as Letzte Runde), Sony Pictures Classics, 2001.

Late Night Shopping, 2001.

Man Alone (short film), 2001.

Alien Love Triangle (short film), Dimension Films, 2002.

Once upon a Time in the Midlands (also known as C'era una volta in Inghilterra, Keskimaan cowboyt, and Un hombre, una mujer y un extrano), Channel Four Films, 2002, Sony Pictures Classics, 2003.

Caffalic Educashun (short film), Scottish Screen, 2004.

Nits (short film), Dazzle Films, 2004.

Rooftops (short film), Blue Lemon Films, 2004.

Teeth (short film), Baxter Productions, 2004.

Featherhead (short film), Bridge Tunnel Productions, 2006.

Kidulthood, Revolver Entertainment, 2006.

I Could Never Be Your Woman (also known as El novio de mi madre and O kainourios tis Mamas mou), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2007.

My Zinc Bed, BBC Films, 2008.

Film Work; Other:

Additional photographer, Blade Runner (also known as Blade Runner—Metropolis 2020, Blade Runner—O cacador de androides, Blade Runner—Omades exontoseos, Der Blade Runner, El cazador impla-cable, Iztrebljevalec, Lowca androidow, Perigo iminente, Szarnyas fejvadasz, and Vanatorul de recompense), Warner Bros., 1982.

Second unit director of photographer, Ruby (also known as Jack Ruby—Im Netz der Mafia, La conspiracion de Dallas (Ruby), Ruby, a conspiracao do silencio, and Ruby: il terzo uomo a Dallas), Triumph Releasing, 1992.

Additional photographer: Boston, The MatchMaker (also known as Aektenskapsmaeklaren, Amori e imbrogli, El casamentero, Heirat nicht ausgeschlossen, Koi wa wandafuru!?, L'entremetteur, Lemmen laehettilaes, Pasiuni inselatoare, Te odio, mi amor, and Um romance inesperado), Gramercy Pictures, 1997.

Additional director of photography, Millions (also known as Caiu do ceu, Ekatommyria, and Millones), Pathe, 2004, Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2005.

Television Director of Photography; Series:

Common as Muck, BBC, 1994, 1997.

Silent Witness, BBC, beginning 1996.

Television Director of Photography; Miniseries:

Moll Flanders, BBC and PBS, 1975.

Mr. Wroe's Virgins, BBC and Sundance Channel, 1993.

Middlemarch, BBC-2, 1994, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, c. 1994.

The Choir, BBC, 1995, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, c. 1995.

Television Director of Photography; Movies:

Isadora Duncan, the Biggest Dancer in the World (also known as Isadora), BBC, 1966.

Daft as a Brush, BBC, 1975.

The Five Minute Films, BBC, 1975.

Arnhem: The Story of an Escape (also known as Arnhem, het verhaal van een ontsnapping), BBC, 1976.

Rogue Male, BBC-2, 1976.

Murder Is Easy (also known as Agatha Christie's "Murder Is Easy"), CBS, 1982.

The Wall, CBS, 1982.

Trapped in Silence, CBS, 1986.

The Endless Game, Showtime, 1990.

Tube Tales, Sky Television (England), 1999.

Television Director of Photography; Specials:

"The Lie," Play for Today, BBC, 1970.

"Orkney," Play for Today, BBC, 1971.

"Blooming Youth," Play for Today, BBC, 1973.

"The Cheviot, the Stag, and the Black, Black Oil," Play for Today, BBC, 1974.

Robinson Crusoe, broadcast on Play of the Month, BBC, 1974, also broadcast on NBC.

The Evacuees, BBC, 1975.

"Sunset across the Bay," Play for Today, BBC, 1975.

Three Men in a Boat, BBC, 1975.

"Play Things," BBC-2 Playhouse, BBC-2, 1976.

"The Price of Coal: Parts 1 & 2," Play for Today, BBC, 1977.

"The Rehearsal," Centre Play, [Great Britain], 1977.

The Longest Hatred: The History of Anti-Semitism (also known as The Longest Hatred), PBS, 1993.

Television Director of Photography; Episodic:

"The World of Coppard," Omnibus, BBC, 1967.

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road," Sextet (also known as Sextet: Follow the Yellow Brick Road), BBC, 1972.

"An Imaginative Woman," Wessex Tales (also known as Wessex Tales: An Imaginative Woman), BBC, 1973.

"The Vineyard," Dial M for Murder, BBC, 1974.

Television Photographer:

Photographer, The World of Jewish Humor (special), PBS, 1990.

Additional photographer, The Nile (miniseries), BBC, 2004.

Television Director:

"A Little Outing," Premiere, BBC-2, 1977.

"The Rehearsal," Centre Play (special), [Great Britain], 1977.

Television Camera Operator; Movies:

Mrs. Lawrence Will Look after It, BBC, 1968.

Blodwen, Home from Rachel's Marriage, BBC, 1969.

Television Camera Operator; Specials:

"Robin Redbreast," Play for Today, BBC, 1970.

"The Season of the Witch," The Wednesday Play, BBC, 1970.

"The General's Day," Play for Today, BBC, 1972.

"Still Waters," Play for Today, BBC, 1972.

"Stocker's Copper," Play for Today, BBC, 1972.

Television Camera Operator; Episodic:

"The Withered Arm," Wessex Tales (also known as Wessex Tales: The Withered Arm), BBC, 1973.