Tugal, Pierre

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TUGAL, PIERRE (1895–1964), French writer, born in Russia. In 1931 he was co-founder (with Rolf de Maré) and curator of the Paris Archives Internationales de la Danse until its dissolution in 1952. In 1935 Tugal was a founder of L'Association de la Presse Chorégraphique. Delegate to unesco, doctor of law, with a diploma in social and political sciences, Tugal devoted himself to literary and art research, specializing in the theater and dance. He engaged in research on the use of dance in rehabilitation of the handicapped and the mentally ill. He was the author of many articles and several books on dance, including Initiation à la Danse (1947), Petite histoire de l'art et des artistes (1952), La Danse Classique sans Maître (with Lucien Legrand, 1956); and a work on Noverre, an 18th-century French ballet master (1959).


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