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1. Central, flanking, or intermediate projecting subdivision of a monumental building or façade, accented architecturally by more elaborate decoration (e.g. Orders, pediments, or palace-fronts), or by greater height and distinction of skyline, as in the Louvre, Paris.

2. Feature at the angle of a building, or terminating feature of a wing of a larger structure, as in a symmetrical Palladian composition
3. One of several distinct buildings or blocks, linked by e.g. corridors, as in a hospital or gaol, for reasons of hygiene or security.

4. Detached ornamental building, such as a gazebo or a summer-house, often, but not always, dependent on a larger or principal building.

5. Building with a verandah in a sports-ground, e.g. cricket-pavilion.

6. Temporary building.

7. Covering or canopy, so a tent-like structure, such as a canopied litter or the velarium over an amphitheatre.

8. Small detached building in a park, often associated with relaxation and pleasure, containing a salon for refreshments, and two chambers: one for storage of provisions, and the other a lavatory.

9. More elaborate version of (8), with several rooms, often treated with elaborate architectural frivolities, e.g. Brighton Pavilion, Sussex.


views updated May 11 2018

pa·vil·ion / pəˈvilyən/ • n. 1. a building or similar structure used for a specific purpose, in particular: ∎  a summerhouse or other decorative building used as a shelter in a park or large garden. ∎  in the names of buildings used for theatrical or other entertainments: the second concert at the White Rock Pavilion. ∎  a detached or semidetached block at a hospital or other building complex. ∎  a large tent with a peak and crenellated decorations, used esp. at a show or fair. ∎  a temporary building, stand, or other structure in which items are displayed by a dealer or exhibitor at a trade exhibition.2. a usually highly decorated projecting subdivision of a building.3. the part of a cut gemstone below the girdle.


views updated May 17 2018

pavilion (large peaked) tent XIII; projecting subdivision of a building or façade; building of light construction for pleasure or amusement XVII. — (O)F. pavillon tent, canopy:— L. pāpiliō, -ōn- butterfly, tent (as being likened to a butterfly's wings).