Pavlik, John V(ernon)

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PAVLIK, John V(ernon)

PERSONAL: Married; wife's name, Jackie; children: Tristan, Orianna (daughters). Education: University of Wisconsin—Madison, B.A., 1978; University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, M.A., 1980, Ph.D., 1983.

ADDRESSES: Office—Rutgers University, Department of Journalism and Mass Media, 4 Huntington St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901; 185 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08901. E-mail[email protected].

CAREER: Writer and educator in communications. American Family Insurance Group, Madison, WI, public relations officer, 1977-78; University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, MN, instructor in journalism, mass communication, and marketing, 1981-82; Pennsylvania State University, University Park, assistant professor of communications, 1982-88, graduate studies director for the School of Journalism, 1984-86; Columbia University, Freedom Forum Media Studies Center, New York, NY, associate director for research and technology studies, member of editorial board, and developer of computer software, 1988-94, director of library, 1988-93, codirector of research group, 1990-94; San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, professor of communication and director, School of Communication, both 1994-95; Columbia University, Center for New Media, executive director, and Graduate School of Journalism, professor, both 1996-2002, Institute for Learning Technologies, Teacher's College, senior research associate, 1997—; Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, professor of journalism and mass media, 2002—. Also public speaker. Oates Clearing-house for Computer-Based Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, member of software review board, 1986-88; judge of Emmy Awards in news and documentaries and sports categories, 1989-94; New York Festivals International Interactive Multimedia Awards, founding member of Board of Distinguished Judges and Advisers, 1992—; City of the Future, co-chair of InfoSan Diego, 1994-95; San Diego-Baja Communications Council, member of board of directors, 1995, and member of executive council; Hampshire's Internet Journalism Project, member of advisory board, 1997—; Marist College School of Communication, member of advisory board, 1998—; Mayor's Council on New Media, New York, NY, 1999—; Kinecta, member of advisory board, 2000—; Center for Communication, Inc., member of academic advisory board, 2001.

MEMBER: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (vice head of Public Relations Division, 1987-89, and member of standing committee for research, 1995—), International Communication Association (chairperson of Public Relations Interest Group, 1992-93), Institute, Academy, and Foundation for High Definition Television Arts and Sciences, San Diego Digital Multimedia Association (member of board of directors, 1995), World Foundation for Smart Communities (board member, 1998—), Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation's Archive of American Television (member of academic advisory committee, 2000—).

AWARDS, HONORS: Grants from Honeywell, Inc., Los Angeles Foundation, and Institute for Public Relations Research and Education, both 1995; fellow of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, 1996-2000, and Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, 1997—; Presidential Citation for Service and Dedication as an Officer of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 1999-2000.


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Contributor to books, including Designing Health Communication Campaigns: What Works?, edited by Thomas E. Backer, Everett M. Rogers, and Pradeep Sopory, Sage Publications, 1992. Contributor of articles and reviews to professional journals, including Journal of Consumer Affairs, Marketing, Public Relations Review, and Teaching Public Relations. Communication Quarterly International, book review editor and member of advisory board, 1986-90; Journal of Public Relations Research, member of editorial board, 1989-93, associate editor, 1994—.

SIDELIGHTS: As a professor of communications, John V. Pavlik has long studied the many types of media available in today's ever-changing world. Several of his published works discuss media technology and the ways in which it has changed the field of mass communications. From the Internet to video on demand systems, new technologies are constantly changing the way information is received.

For The People's Right to Know: Media, Democracy, and the Information Highway, Pavlik and coeditor Fred Williams collected a variety of articles and essays examining media-related topics such as a national information service and different forms of digital media. Online's Nancy Millichap described The People's Right to Know as "an effort to get a grip on the complex questions that surround public access to the information highway." Millichap felt that the book lacked a unified theme, noting, "this book is more interesting for its individual pieces than for any collective vision." However, she did remark that the editors provide an epilogue that tries "to draw some order out of the preceding patchwork of opinions and information."

Pavlik's Journalism and New Media, which discusses how the content of news stories and the role of journalists have changed in the age of digital media, garnered positive reviews from critics. "This is a balanced, optimistic overview of cutting-edge media developments and their impact on journalism," wrote Angela Weiler in Library Journal. In addition to examining ways in which new media affect news content and journalists, Pavlik demonstrates how new media may change the structure of the news industry. Booklist's Vanessa Bush noted, "Pavlik outlines the challenges of new technology, from credibility issues to the blurring of the line between news and advertising." Pavlik also provides insight into how new media will change the future of journalism for teens or young adults interested in pursuing a career in this field. He presents readers with the benefits and the challenges provided by new media. School Library Journal's Christine C. Menefee claimed, "the author conveys a complex array of information in a clear, entertaining, and nontechnical manner that's sure to engage and please many readers."



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