Pavlowitch, Stevan K.

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PAVLOWITCH, Stevan K. British (born Yugoslavia), b. 1933. Genres: History, International relations/Current affairs. Career: Journalist and Public Relations Officer, Stockholm, Brussels, Milan and London, 1958-65; University of Southampton, member of the faculty, 1965-97, Emeritus Professor of History, 1997-. Publications: Anglo-Russian Rivalry in Serbia 1837- 1839, 1961; Yugoslavia, 1971; Bijou d'Art (on Bojidar Karageorgevitch), 1978; Unconventional Perceptions of Yugoslavia 1940-1945, 1985; The Improbable Survivor: Yugoslavia and Its Problems 1918-1988, 1988; Yugoslavia's Great Dictator: Tito, A Reassessment, 1992; A History of the Balkans 1804-1945, 1999; Serbia: The History behind the Name, 2002. Address: c/o History Dept, University of Southampton, Southampton SOI7 IBJ, England. Online address: [email protected]