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pan·el / ˈpanl/ • n. 1. a thin, typically rectangular piece of wood or glass forming or set into the surface of a door, wall, or ceiling. ∎  a thin piece of metal forming part of the outer shell of a vehicle: body panels for the car business. ∎  a flat board on which instruments or controls are fixed: a control panel. ∎  a decorated area within a larger design containing a separate subject: the central panel depicts the Crucifixion. ∎  one of several drawings making up a comic strip. ∎  a piece of material forming part of a garment. 2. a small group of people brought together to discuss, investigate, or decide on a particular matter, esp. in the context of business or government: we assembled a panel of experts. ∎  a list of available jurors or a jury. 3. the soft underside of a saddle, typically of foam or wool. • v. (-eled , -el·ing ; Brit. -elled, -el·ling) [tr.] [usu. as adj.] (paneled) cover (a wall or other surface) with panels: an elegant paneled dining room. ORIGIN: Middle English: from Old French, literally ‘piece of cloth,’ based on Latin pannus ‘(piece of) cloth.’ The early sense ‘piece of parchment’ was extended to mean ‘list,’ whence the notion ‘advisory group.’ Sense 1 derives from the late Middle English sense ‘distinct (usually framed) section of a surface.’

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panelannal, channel, flannel, impanel, multichannel, panel •cracknel •grapnel, shrapnel •carnal •antennal, crenel, fennel, kennel •regnal •anal, decanal •adrenal, officinal, penal, renal, venal •signal, spignel •hymnal • cardinal • libidinal • ordinal •attitudinal, latitudinal, longitudinal •altitudinal •imaginal, paginal •marginal, submarginal •aboriginal • virginal • disciplinal •seminal •criminal, liminal, subliminal •abdominal, nominal, phenomenal, pronominal •noumenal •germinal, terminal •vaticinal, vicinal •sentinel • intestinal • Juvenaldoctrinal, final, semi-final, spinal, urinal, vaginal •quarterfinal •cantonal, O'Connell •cornel • nounal •atonal, Donal, hormonal, Monel, patronal, polytonal, tonal, zonal •motional •lagoonal, monsoonal, tribunal •communal •Chunnel, funnel, gunnel, gunwale, runnel, tunnel •autumnal • meridional •embryonal, Lionel •diagonal, heptagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, tetragonal •trigonal • orthogonal • occasional •divisional, provisional, visional •delusional, fusional, illusional •regional • original • coronal • arsenal •medicinal •impersonal, interpersonal, personal, transpersonal •irrational, national, passional, rational •factional, fractional, redactional, transactional •confessional, congressional, expressional, impressional, obsessional, processional, professional, progressional, recessional, secessional, sessional, successional •connectional, correctional, directional, interjectional, intersectional, sectional, unidirectional •ascensional, attentional, conventional, declensional, intentional, tensional, three-dimensional, two-dimensional •conceptional, exceptional, perceptional •durational, locational, oblational, relational, vocational •rotational •additional, positional, tuitional, volitional •fictional, jurisdictional •inscriptional • optional • proportional •devotional, emotional, notional, promotional •constitutional, evolutional, institutional, substitutional •constructional, fluxional, instructional •conjunctional, dysfunctional, functional, multifunctional •versional • seasonal •colonel, diurnal, eternal, external, fraternal, infernal, internal, journal, kernel, maternal, nocturnal, paternal, supernal, vernal

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1. Flat plane surface surrounded by mouldings or channels, or by other surfaces in different planes. Architectural panels are generally rectangular, but can be circular, square, quatrefoiled, or other shapes. Blind tracery is really a type of panelling. The sunken surface of the panel is often charged with ornament, e.g. parchemin. See also boiserie. Panels are commonly found in ceilings, doors, wainscots, etc., and are separated by frames, etc., called panel-dividers, while the beads and other mouldings holding them in their frames are panel-mouldings and can be of various types (e.g. bolection, ogee, etc). Types of panel include:fielded: with a flat central portion projecting above the edges of the panel, and sometimes beyond the frame;flush: with the face in the same plane as the frame around it, often with a flush bead on the edges next to the panel to mask the joint;linen-fold: decorated with parchemin plié;lying: with its greater dimension horizontal;raised and fielded: as flelded: as flelded above, i.e. with a flat raised surface, but surrounded by a sunken, moulded, or bevelled edge;sunk: with the face recessed from the frame.

2. Subdivision of a bay of a timber-framed wall defined by studs and rails, called a pane.


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panel piece of cloth placed under the saddle XIII; saddle consisting of a rough pad XVI; piece of parchment (attached to a writ) on which names of jurors were written, (hence) list of jurymen, jury XIV; section of a fence XV; compartment of a door, etc. XVI; thin board used for a painting XVIII; large size of photograph XIX. — OF. panel piece of cloth, saddle cushion, piece (mod. panneau):- Rom. *pannellus, dim. of L. pannus PANE; see -EL2.

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A list of jurors to serve in a particular court or for the trial of a designated action. A group of judges of a lesser number than the entire court convened to decide a case, such as when a nine-member appellate court divides into three, three-member groups, and each group hears and decides cases. A plan in reference to prepaid legal services.

The term open-panel legal services refers to a plan in which legal services are paid for in advance, usually by insurance, but in which members can select their own lawyers. Under a closed panel, all legal services are rendered by a group of attorneys previously chosen by the insurer, the union, or another entity.

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a list of people; the people on such a list.

Examples : panel of experts; of interviewers; of judges; of jurymen; of patients.

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