Pane, Ignacio Alberto (1883–1920)

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Pane, Ignacio Alberto (1883–1920)

Ignacio Alberto Pane (b. 1883; d. 1920), Paraguayan sociologist, literary critic, and politician. Born in Asunción, Pane was part of an intellectual movement dedicated to the revindication of Francisco Solano López, the dictator who had taken the country into the War of the Triple Alliance (1864–1870), and whose memory had been reviled by liberal Paraguayans ever since. Pane's polemic on the López era graced the pages of several Asunción newspapers and put him in the company of Juan O'Leary and other nationalist writers. He introduced sociology to Paraguay as a separate university discipline, and wrote many volumes of poetry, geography, social theory, and conservative polemics. Several of his works were published under the pseudonym Matías Centella. Pane died in Asunción.

See alsoLópez, Francisco Solano; Sociology.


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