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carrelapparel, barrel, carol, Carole, carrel, Carroll, Darrell, Darryl, Farrell •gambrel • spandrel •astral, plastral •cracker-barrel •Errol, feral •petrel, petrol •spectral •central, epicentral, ventral •ancestral, kestrel, orchestral •dextral • Sacheverell • mayoral •sacral • wastrel • cerebral •anhedral, cathedral, dihedral, tetrahedral •hypaethral (US hypethral), urethral •squirrel, Tyrol, Wirral •timbrel, whimbrel •minstrel • arbitral • sinistral • integral •triumviral •spiral, viral •amoral, Balmoral, coral, immoral, laurel, moral, quarrel, sorel, sorrel •cockerel, Cockerell •dotterel • rostral •aboral, aural, choral, floral, goral, oral •austral, claustral •scoundrel • cloistral • neutral • figural •augural •demurral, Durrell •mongrel • sepulchral • lustral •spheral • retiral •crural, jural, mural, neural, plural, rural •illiberal, liberal •natural • federal • peripheral •doggerel • mackerel • pickerel •bicameral, unicameral •admiral •ephemeral, femoral •humeral, numeral •general • mineral • funeral •spatio-temporal, temporal •corporal • tesseral • visceral •bilateral, collateral, equilateral, lateral, multilateral, quadrilateral, trilateral, unilateral •pastoral •electoral, pectoral, prefectoral, protectoral •clitoral, literal, littoral, presbyteral •dipteral, peripteral •doctoral • several • behavioural •conferral, deferral, referral, transferral

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carrel, carol, carrol.
1. Aisle divided into chapels, or the screens dividing it, or the divisions themselves.

2. Small enclosure, room, niche, compartment, or study in a cloister or any other small space used for study, as in a library, etc.

3. Light in a Gothic window defined by the bars of tracery.

4. Baywindow.

5. Any precinct, or space defined by railings, etc.

6. Pane of glass secured by cames in a leaded light.

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car·rel / ˈkarəl/ • n. a small cubicle with a desk for the use of a reader or student in a library. ∎ hist. a small enclosure or study in a cloister.

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carrel study in a monastic cloister. XV (used hist. XVIII–XIX and more recently revived for a study in a library). — OF. carole, medL. carola, of unkn. orig.