Carraher, Charles E., Jr.

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CARRAHER, Charles E., Jr.

CARRAHER, Charles E., Jr. American, b. 1941. Genres: Chemistry. Career: University of South Dakota, Vermillion, instructor, 1967-68, asst professor, 1968-70, assoc professor, 1970-73, professor of chemistry, 1973-76, chairman of science division, 1971-74; Wright State University, Dayton, OH, professor of chemistry, 1976-85, chairman of dept, 1976-84; Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, professor of chemistry and dean of College of Science, 1985-95, associate director, Florida Center for Environmental Studies, 1995-; writer. Artist, with exhibitions of pen and ink drawings and oil and water color paintings; professional musician. Publications: Chemistry Applied, 1970; Chemistry in Everyday Life, 1972, rev. ed., 1976; Chemistry in Our World, 1974; (ed.) Interfacial Synthesis, Vol. I (with F. Millich): Fundamentals, 1977, Vol. II (with Millich): Polymer Applications and Technology, 1977, Vol. III (with J. Preston): Recent Advances, 1982; (with J. Sheats and C. Pittman) Organometallic Polymers, 1978; (with M. Tsuda) Modification of Polymers, 1979, rev. ed., 1980; (with R. Seymour) Polymer Chemistry, 1981, 4th ed., 1996; (with Sheats and Pittman) Metallo-Organic Polymers, 1981; (with Sheats and Pittman) Advances in Organometallic Polymer Science, 1982; (with C. Gebelein) Polymeric Drugs, 1982; (with L. Sperling) Polymer Applications of Renewable-Resource Materials, 1983; (with J. Moore) Chemical Modification of Polymers, 1983; (with L. Mathias) Crown Ethers and Phase Transfer Agents for Polymer Applications, 1984; (with Sheats and Pittman) Metal-Containing Polymeric Systems, 1985; (with Gebelein) Bioactive Polymeric Systems, 1985; (with Gebelein) Polymeric Materials in Medication, 1985; (with Sperling) Renewable Resource Materials, 1986; (with Gebelein and V. Foster) Applied Bioactive Polymeric Systems, 1989; (with Seymour) Giant Molecules, 1990; (with others) Inorganic and Metal-Containing Polymeric Materials, 1990; (with Gebelein) Biotechnology, 1994; (with Gebelein) Industrial Biotechnological Polymers, 1995; (with others) Metal-Containing Polymers Materials, 1996; (with Swift and Bowman) Polymer Modification, 1997; (with Craver) Applied Polymer Science, 2000; Polymer Chemistry, 2000; (with others) Bonding, 2001; (with Swift) Functional Condensation Polymers, 2002. Address: Florida Atlantic University, Florida Center for Environmental Studies, Boca Raton, FL 33431, U.S.A.

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Carraher, Charles E., Jr.

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