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blade / blād/ • n. 1. the flat cutting edge of a knife, saw, or other tool or weapon. ∎ short for razor blade. ∎ poetic/lit. a sword. 2. the flat, wide section of an implement or device such as an oar or a propeller. ∎  a thin, flat metal runner on an ice skate. ∎  a shoulder bone in a cut of meat, or the cut of meat itself. ∎  the flat part of the tongue behind the tip. 3. a long, narrow leaf of grass or another similar plant: a blade of grass. ∎ Bot. the broad thin part of a leaf apart from the stalk. 4. inf., dated a dashing or energetic young man. DERIVATIVES: blad·ed adj. [in comb.] double-bladed paddles.

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bladeabrade, afraid, aid, aide, ambuscade, arcade, balustrade, barricade, Belgrade, blade, blockade, braid, brigade, brocade, cannonade, carronade, cascade, cavalcade, cockade, colonnade, crusade, dissuade, downgrade, enfilade, esplanade, evade, fade, fusillade, glade, grade, grenade, grillade, handmade, harlequinade, homemade, invade, jade, lade, laid, lemonade, limeade, made, maid, man-made, marinade, masquerade, newlaid, orangeade, paid, palisade, parade, pasquinade, persuade, pervade, raid, serenade, shade, Sinéad, spade, staid, stockade, stock-in-trade, suede, tailor-made, they'd, tirade, trade, Ubaid, underpaid, undismayed, unplayed, unsprayed, unswayed, upbraid, upgrade, wade •nightshade • renegade • decade •Medicaid • motorcade • switchblade •Adelaide • accolade • rollerblade •marmalade • razor blade • handmaid •barmaid • Teasmade • milkmaid •dairymaid • bridesmaid • housemaid •chambermaid •parlourmaid (US parlormaid) •mermaid • nursemaid • escapade •ram raid • centigrade • multigrade •comrade • retrograde • lampshade •eyeshade • sunshade

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A. leaf OE.; spathe of grass XIV.

B. broad flattened part of an implement OE.; thin cutting edge, sword XIV. OE. blæd, pl. bladu = OS. blad, OHG. blat (G. blatt), ON. blnað leaf, etc. :- Gmc. *blaðam, perh. pp. formation (IE. *-tos) on the base *biō- BLOW2. The present form derives from OE. obl. cases.

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1. Back or principal rafter.

2. Main element of a cruck truss.

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blade A term describing grain shape; bladed grains have ratios of less than 2:3 for both the intermediate: long diameter and the short: intermediate diameter. See PARTICLE SHAPE; and ZINGG SHAPE CLASSIFICATION.

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blade The thin, flat part of a leaf.

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