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biomorph. Form based on a living object. Animal, Biomorphic, or Zoömorphic architecture draws on non-geometrical naturally occurring forms, as in certain aspects of Organic architecture. An example is Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum, WI (2000–3), based on the wings of a bird in flight. In such architecture the grid was replaced by the blob (see Blobismus), and the rigid lines of International Modernism gave way to curving forms and undulating roofs. In some cases critics detected allusions to specific creatures, e.g. the reptilian exterior of Future Systems's Selfridge's Store, Birmingham (2003).


Aldersley-Williams (2003)

views updated

biomorphcorf, dwarf, morph, orfe, Orff, swarf, wharf, Whorf •Ludendorff • Düsseldorf • biomorph •pseudomorph

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