Sergeant-at-Arms Humphreys, Colonelanthony Arthur, C.D.

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B. Nov. 29, 1938 in Cobar, Australia. Private Career: Served in the Corps of Royal Cdn Engineers and the Cdn Military Engineers 1956-89. Appt'd Sergeant-at-Arms, Sept. 1991. Dir., B.C. Last Post Fund. Address: Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., V8V 1X4, (250)356-6966, Fax: (250)356-8308.

Sergent d'armes

HUMPHREYS,COLONELANTHONY ARTHUR,C.D. Néle 29 nov. 1938à Cobar, Australie.Carrière privée: Service militaire: Corps des ingénieurs royaux can. et Ingénieurs militaires can., 1956-89. Nommé Sergent d'armes en sept. 1991. Dir., B.C. Last Post Fund. Adresse: Hôtel du Parlement, Victoria, C.-B., V8V 1X4, (250)356-6966, Fax: (250)356-8308.