Sergent, Bernard 1946-

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Sergent, Bernard 1946-

PERSONAL: Born February 23, 1946, in Paris, France; son of Georges and Lucienne (Didner) Sergent; divorced; children: Flore, Marion. Ethnicity: "French." Education: University of Paris, baccaulaureat, 1966, licence d'histoire, 1969, maitrise d'histoire, 1970, agregation, 1972, doctorat, 1975, habilitation, 2000. Hobbies and other interests: European, Asian, and Mediterranean ancient history; African and American ethnology; prehistory; anthropology; Indo-European culture, principally Greek and Celtic.

ADDRESSES: Home—3 rue Saint-Laurent, 75010 Paris, France.

CAREER: Secondary school teacher in Paris, France, 1972–88; National Center for Scientific Research, Paris, researcher, 1988–.

MEMBER: Society of French Mythology, Louis Gernet Center for Comparative Research about Ancient Societies.


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L'Homosexualité dans la mythologie grecque and L'Homosexualité initiatique dans l'Europe ancienne were published in a single volume titled Homosexualité et initiation chez les peuples indo-europeens. Contributor to books, including Peuples et civilisations, Presses Universitaires de France (Paris, France), 1987.

WORK IN PROGRESS: L'Atlantide et la mythologie grecque, for Verdier (Paris, France); Critical Dictionary of Mythology, with Jean-Luc Le Quellec.

SIDELIGHTS: Bernard Sergent's nonfiction work L'Homosexualité dans la mythologie grecque serves as an anthropological study of homosexuality in ancient Greece. Sergent focuses on relationships in which older men provide affection, guidance, and instruction to young boys. In a review in the Times Literary Supplement, Helen King noted that the author's "main interest is … homosexuality as a deliberate rejection of women in the course of making the boy into a real man." Using ancient Greek literature to support his theory, Sergent points to several passages included in some versions of Homer's Iliad which suggest homosexual tendencies in characters. Some critics have suggested that European translators of Greek myth edited texts to rid them of homoerotic elements. In a review of the translation, Homosexuality in Greek Myth, in the London Observer, Philip Faulconbridge called Sergent's work "an impressive effort to map one of the broadest areas of Greek myth."



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