Zabludovsky, Jacobo (1928–)

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Zabludovsky, Jacobo (1928–)

Journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky Kraveski was born in Mexico City and anchored 24 Horas (1970–1997), the television news program with the largest viewing audience in Mexico. He was the country's most influential journalist at a time when private television was subordinate to the Mexican government. He created the international news channel Eco in 1988 and in 1998 resigned from Televisa because of criticism of his alleged bias toward the authoritarian government. In 2001 he started the radio news program De Una a Tres. He was the attorney for the National Autonomous University of Mexico and taught journalism there as well. He authored La conquista del espacio (1962), Charlas con pintores, (1966) and other books, and received various prizes, including the King of Spain International Journalism Award. In his own words, he is first and foremost a reporter.

See alsoJournalism in Mexico; Radio and Television; Zabludovski, Abraham.


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