Soldi, Raúl (1905–1994)

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Soldi, Raúl (1905–1994)

Raúl Soldi (b. 27 March 1905; d. 21 April 1994), Argentine painter, printmaker, and muralist. Soldi was born in Buenos Aires and studied there, at the National Academy of Fine Arts, as well as at the Brera Royal Academy in Milan. He had a strict figurative training in drawing; later, in contact with the school of light devotees (Chiaristi), he developed his own technique and style. In 1938–1939 he worked in theater design and on numerous films. In 1953 he began painting murals in the chapel of Santa Ana in Glew, a small village in the province of Buenos Aires. Working there only in the summer, he finished in 1976. He painted the dome of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires in 1966 and a mural at the basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, Israel, in 1968. Soldi received numerous awards, including the Palanza Prize from the National Academy of Fine Arts (1952). In 1993 he had a retrospective of his work at the Salas Nacionales de Exposición.

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