Sandi, Luis (1905–)

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Sandi, Luis (1905–)

Luis Sandi (b. 22 February 1905), Mexican composer, music teacher, administrator, and critic. When Carlos Chávez was appointed director of the National Conservatory in 1929, he named Sandi head of choral activities. Sandi also assisted Chávez in reforming public music education within the department of fine arts of the Ministry of Public Education in 1933. He was later chief music administrator in the Ministry of Public Education (1946–1951) and the National Institute of Fine Arts (1959–1963). His Yaqui Music for Mexican orchestra, performed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1940, brought him international attention. Other works include the opera Carlotta, about the wife of Emperor Maximilian; the Mayan ballet Bonampak; and a number of didactic and critical writings.

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