Sandman, Peter (Mark)

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SANDMAN, Peter (Mark)

SANDMAN, Peter (Mark). American, b. 1945. Genres: Communications/ Media, Environmental sciences/Ecology, Writing/Journalism, Education. Career: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Journalism, Ohio State University, Columbus, 1971-72; Assistant Professor, 1972-75, and Associate Professor, 1975-77, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; ECRP, director, 1986-92. Risk Communication Consultant; Professor of Journalism, 1983-92, and Director, Environmental Communication Research Program, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey (Associate Professor, 1977-83). Publications: Where the Girls Are, 1967; (with D.R. Goldenson) How to Succeed in Business Before Graduating, 1968; The Unabashed Career Guide, 1969; Students and the Law, 1971; (with D.M. Rubin and D.B. Sachsman) Media: An Introductory Analysis of American Mass Communications, 1972, 1982; (co-author) Emerging Issues in Environmental Education, 1974; (with J. Myer and J.B. Garry) Writing about Wildlife, 1974; (with others) Report on the Accident at Three Mile Island, 1980; Green Acres in the 1980s: Meeting New Jersey's Needs for Open Space and Recreation, 1983; (with C.S. Klompus and B.G. Yarrison) Scientific and Technical Writing, 1985; (with N.D. Weinstein and M.L. Klotz) Public Response to the Risk from Radon, 1987; (with D.B. Sachsman and M.R. Greenberg) The Environmental News Source, 1987; (with others) Environmental Risk and the Press, 1987; (with B.J. Hance and C. Chess) Improving Dialogue with Communities, 1988; (co-author) Directory of New Jersey Environmental Risk Education Efforts, 1988; (with M. Kline and C. Chess) Evaluating Risk Communication Programs: A Catalogue of Quick and Easy Feedback Methods, 1989; (with C. Chess and B.J. Hance) Planning Dialogue with Communities: A Risk Communication Workbook, 1989; (with C. Chess and S.K. Long) Making Technical Assistance Grants Work, 1990; (with C. Chess and B.J. Hance), Industry Risk Communication Manual, 1990; Responding to Community Outrage, 1993. EDITOR: Five Hundred Back-to-Work Ideas for Housewives, 1970; From Campus Coed to Working Woman, 1970; (with F. Philpot) Three Months to Earn, 1970; The Independent Teenager, 1970; Not Quite Ready to Retire, 1970; Careers After High School, 1970; (with D.M. Rubin and D.B. Sachsman), Media Casebook: An Introductory Reader in American Mass Communications, 1972, 1977; (with B.G. Yarrison) Source Book of Educational and Training Resources in Agriculture, Home Economics, and Natural Resources of Institutions on the Title XII Registry, 1979; (with D.B. Sachsman and M.R. Greenberg) Environmental Reporter's Handbook, 1988; (with C. Chess and A. Saville) Environmental Risk Communication Notebook for State Health Agencies, 1990. Address: 59 Ridgeview Rd., Princeton, NJ 08540-7601, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]