Pérez, Albino (?–1837)

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Pérez, Albino (?–1837)

Albino Pérez (d. 9 August 1837), governor of New Mexico from 1835 to 1837. The first Mexican governor of New Mexico, Pérez was appointed by the government of Antonio López de Santa Anna. As part of Mexico's shift away from federalism under Santa Anna, Pérez attempted to impose the authority of the central government through a new system of direct taxation and other measures. The Pérez administration alienated many New Mexicans, and in 1837 the governor's policies sparked a short-lived rebellion of Hispanics and Indians in northern New Mexico. While attempting to end the profederalist, antitaxation revolt, Pérez was captured, executed, and beheaded.

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For a detailed account of the 1837 rebellion, see Janet Lecompte, Rebellion in Río Arriba, 1837 (1985). The administration of Pérez and the 1837 revolt are also discussed in David J. Weber, The Mexican Frontier, 1821–1846: The American Southwest Under Mexico (1982), pp. 261-265.

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Pérez, Albino (?–1837)

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