Perez, Judah ben Joseph

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PEREZ, JUDAH BEN JOSEPH (first half of 18th century), rabbi in Venice and Amsterdam. Perez was the author of (1) Seder Keri'ei Mo'ed (Venice, 1706), a kabbalistic ritual text for the festivals; (2) Peraḥ Levanon (Berlin, 1712), commentaries and homilies on the Torah (together with homilies by Isaac Cavallero taken from Naḥal Eitan); (3) Sha'arei Raḥamim (Venice, 1710), kabbalistic liturgies compiled from various works; (4) Aseret ha-Devarim (Amsterdam, 1737), containing a commentary on Exodus 19–20, poetical paraphrases in Aramaic and Arabic, and hymns in honor of *Simeon b. Yoḥai; and (5) Fundamento Solido (Amsterdam, 1729), a compendium of the Jewish religion in Spanish. Perez also edited Divrei Yosef (Venice, 1715), responsa of Joseph b. Mordecai ha-Kohen of Jerusalem.

In the Nehemiah *Ḥayon controversy he was also suspected of being a Shabbatean, since he was Ḥayon's scribe for some time and possibly also his disciple. He accompanied Ḥayon on his journey to Berlin. One of Abraham Michael *Cardoso's pamphlets Megalleh Amukkot minni Ḥoshekh, was erroneously attributed to Perez.


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Perez, Judah ben Joseph

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