Perez ben Moses of Brody

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PEREZ BEN MOSES OF BRODY (18th century), rabbi and preacher. Before moving to Brody, Perez studied with Rabbi Israel, av bet din in Lokachi, and with R. Baruch Kahana in Ferrara. In 1769 he published Sefer Beit Pereẓ (Zolkiew), a homiletic work on the holidays and other religious events of the year. In addition to the classical sources, the author relies on the Zohar, *Eleazar b. Judah of Worms' Ma'aseh Roke'aḥ, and on *Samuel b. Meir in ascertaining both the literal and hidden and mystical meanings of the Torah. He preached with success throughout Poland and Lithuania where many communities sought him as rabbi and preacher. His second work, Shevaḥ u-Tehillah le-Ereẓ Yisrael (Metz, 1772), only four pages in length, deals with the holiness of the land of Israel.


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Perez ben Moses of Brody

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