Peimbert, Margarita (1795–?)

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Peimbert, Margarita (1795–?)

Margarita Peimbert (b. 1795; d. before 1900), a member of the autonomist secret society Los Guadalupes. Peimbert was the daughter of the lawyer Juan Nazario Peimbert y Hernández, who was also a member of the Guadalupes and who held tertulias (gatherings) in his home in Mexico City at which politics was discussed. Margarita was in charge of distributing the group's correspondence. She was betrothed to the lawyer José Ignacio Jiménez, who joined Ignacio Rayón's forces at the beginning of 1812. In May of that year, the royalists captured the correspondence that Rayón had sent to the capital, including letters to Peimbert from various insurgents. She was detained and interrogated in June, but revealed nothing. The same month, the royalists defeated Rayón at Tenango, and Jiménez was killed. Later, Peimbert married José Ignacio Espinosa, another lawyer and member of the Guadalupes.

See alsoGuadalupes, Los; Mexico: 1810–1910.


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                                      Virginia Guedea

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Peimbert, Margarita (1795–?)

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